We are located near a small village called Svino, 0,5 km away from Kobarid. Our camp lies under the hill Srčni breg in a peaceful environment surrounded by forest.

There are camping places in the shade and in the sun. We also have a bar, a hostel, a holiday house, children’s and sports (football, volleyball, badminton) playground.
There is a beautiful view on surrounding mountains such as Krn, Matajur and Stol from the camp.

It is also a nice starting point for hikers and cyclists. Several paths lead from the camp: a cycling path to the river Nadiža, a walking path to Kobarid (15 min) – with bird watching stops along the way, a path to the village Svino, which has an old church of St. Andrews’, a waterfall under the village, and a posibility of purchasing BIO products such as cheese, eggs, milk, etc.

There is also Chamois’ learning path nearby which leads to old mills at the river Idrija.