There is also a walking path from the camp to Kobarid. You arrive there after 1km (app. 15min by foot). The path leads you past a bird watching place in »Kobariško blato« where grey herons nest. Then you cross a wooden bridge over the river Idrija and you are already in Kobarid. In the center, you’ll find several shops, restaurants and sports agencies that offer many activities, such as water sports, air sports, cycling, scooter renting, etc. If you go through the center and take the Gregorčičeva Street you’ll find many interesting things. There are several local shops on that street and also a local brewery. Soon you will arrive to the famous Kobarid Museum which exhibits the World War I. A bit forward, there is also a cheese making museum and a shop called Planika, where you can buy local products. Close to Planika, you will find the well-known Napoleon bridge that crosses the Soča river. If you cross the bridge and go left, the path will take you to the gorgeous waterfall Kozjak.